CipherTune Concert
DIY Algorithmic Composition
Text, Image Reversible Music
by Kenji Kojima

The Great Lawn
  Password: GreatLawn
Snow Central Park
  Password: SnowPark
  Password: Daisies
Rabbit Hole (text)
  Password: rabbitHole

  Password: seagull
Cherry Lane
  Password: CherryLane
Winter Trees
  Password: WinterTrees
August Clouds
  Password: AugustClouds
Alexander Hamilton
  Password: Hamilton
The Pool
  Password: ThePool
A Dog and a Man
  Password: DogAndMan

About CipherTune

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QuickTime-plugin for New OS
does not support midi sounds.
This web midi player cannot play
by an assigned instrument.

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Right Click and Download: MIDI Sound File
Download Decryption Program: for MacOS, for Windows

The music was created from
an encrypted photograph.
The music can be decrypted
to the original photograph.



Application CipherTune
for MacOS CipherTune 07
for Windows CipherTune 07
Using Cipher: Blowfish 256 bits

Creative Commons License
A music created by CipherTune is licensed
under a Creative Commons License.