RGB Music RENGA Player is a music and image player for recorded files of "RGB Music RENGA". RGB Music RENGA is a series of improvisation of algorithmic composition. You can listen "RGB Music RENGA" anytime on the Web. However it is an improvisation. Sometimes you may like to record it. Build your own selection and play them by this player.

RGB Music Project is experimenting with the relationships between perception and cognition, mathematics, technology, music and visual art.

RGB Music RENGA New York City Subway 1-18
Kenji Kojima's Selection

RGB Music RENGA is an algorithmic composition made from image data by Web application. The Web app improvised a music in real time. Kenji Kojima who was the author recorded and selected them. Each improvisation data and recording date are described at the bottom.

RGB Music RENGA creates continuing short compositions from a series of photographs like RENGA poems. RENGA is continuing short and collaborative poetry in Japan. The Web app reads RGB value of pixels from the top left to the bottom right of an image horizontally. One pixel makes three notes of sounds, and the length of note is determined by high or low value of the pixel. Total number of pixels, tempos, scales and instruments are changed in every each session. It composes a score from an image directly. The video shows a mosaic pattern in the beginning of music as a musical score.

Download Beta 02:
Now the player is only for "RGB Music RENGA New York City Subway".

RGB Music RENGA Player for New York City Subway
MacOS Beta 02
(Universal binaries)

Do not put the program into a double-byte character name folder.

RGB Music RENGA Player for New York City Subway
Windows Beta 02

Program requires a free version of "Apple QuickTime"

There are three sample musics in a file.
This Beta version works until December 31, 2010

Bug Report: index@kenjikojima.com

1) Make Your Selection of Recording Files
Please visit the site of "RGB Music RENGA New York City Subway".
Before you have to install revWeb plugin on your Web browser. The Web application "RGB Music RENGA New York City Subway" creates and plays improvisation musics from 126 Photographs. You can listen the music anytime and record them you like.

2) Put Your Selection into a Folder

"Record" button of the Web application makes four files into a "NYCSubway & MusicNumber" folder. Please see the below files image. The player generates a visual and music from the files. You can move and change name "RecordingData" folder any where you like. Do not change other file names. If you like to make more record files from same music number, create another name of "RecordingData" folder such as "RecordingData2", then put them into it.

3) Open Application and Play

Contact: index@kenjikojima.com