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Harold Lloyd "Safety Last!", Buster Keaton "Steamboat Bill, Jr.", The Lumière Cinématographe

Digital art is the future, It's limitless, it's free.
You can copy it, share it, With the whole world to see.
Art is not about money, It's about the message.
It's about the feeling, It's about the connection.

This video is free to share.
You can donate any amount to the artist
if you approve of the video as art.
Even if you disapprove, you can keep it.
But it has no artistic value, as you have determined.

Download: 1920x1080
Copy It, Share It!, Harold Lloyd "Safety Last!", 178.7 MB
Copy It, Share It!, Buster Keaton "Steamboat Bill, Jr.", 182.3 MB
Copy It, Share It!, The Lumière Cinématographe, 179 MB
Download: 1280x720
Copy It, Share It!, Harold Lloyd "Safety Last!", 77.1 MB
Copy It, Share It!, Buster Keaton "Steamboat Bill, Jr.", 78.7 MB
Copy It, Share It!, The Lumière Cinématographe, 77.3 MB

Creative Commons License   Series "Copy It, Share It!" is licensed under
Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
Credit must be given to the creator.

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Kenji Kojima is a digital artist. Since the early 1990s, he has been experimenting with the relationships between perception and cognition, technology, music, and visual art. He was born in Japan and moved to New York in 1980. He spent his first 10 years in New York City painting with egg tempera. The personal computer improved rapidly in the 1980s. He felt more comfortable with computer art than painting. He converted his artwork to digital in the early 1990s. He developed the computer software for his artwork. But there was a big problem, the software soon did not work on the operating system. He converted his artwork to video while it was working. His ecology-based software and video art were exhibited in New York and at media art festivals around the world. After Covid-19, he could not go out to make a video. In 2021 he started a new series called "The Musical Interpretation of Paintings". At the end of 2023, he returned to his art theme of ecology. LiveCode programmer. Kenji Kojima Resume

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Email: index@kenjikojima.com