RGB Music Player:
Requires free version of Apple QuickTime.
Please Download RGB MusicLab. And open RGB Music Player from Theatre menu.

● If your computer is not connected with good speakers, use earphones.

RGB Music is converted RGB values of an image into music. RGB Space Music Player plays an RGB music with three dimensional drawing in RGB Space, changing background colors, and a moving aim on the note color of the image. more about RGB Music

RGB Space Musics
● Series of Masterpieces
   Mona Lisa Smile Red
   Mona Lisa Smile Twelve Scale
   Marcel Duchamp Large Glass
   Mondrian B'way Boogie Woogie
   Van Gogh, Wheat Field with Crows

● Kenji Kojima's Photographs
   NYS 01: 01-02
   NYS 02: 01-02
   NYS 02: 05-06
   NYS 02: 09-10
   NYS 03: 05-06
   NYS 04: 09-10
   NYS 05: 09-10
   NYS 06: 07-08

● 3D Objects / Color Patterns
   RGB Space Voyager 01
   RGB Space Voyager 02
   RGB Space Voyager 03 Spring
   RGB Space Voyager 04 Cone
   RGB Space Voyager 05 Sphere
      Piano Score "Sphere" (PDF)
   RGB Space Voyager 06 Coil
      Ascending Red Value of 03
   RGB Space Voyager 07 Sphere
      String Trio Sphere Random Points
   RGB Space Voyager 08 Sphere
      Ascending Green Value

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