Kenji Kojima / 小島健治
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Kenji Kojima's Biography
      I have been experimenting with the relationships between perception and cognition, technology, music and visual art since the early ’90s. I was born in Japan and moved to New York in 1980. I painted egg tempera paintings that were medieval art materials and techniques for the first 10 years in New York City. My paintings were collected by Citibank, Hess Oil, and others. A personal computer was improved rapidly during the '80s. I felt more comfortable with computer art than paintings. I switched my artwork to digital in the early '90s. My early digital works were archived in the New Museum - Rhizome, New York. I developed computer software "RGB MusicLab" in 2007 and created an interdisciplinary work exploring the relationship between images and music. I programmed the software “Luce” for the project “Techno Synesthesia” in 2014. My digital art series "Techno Synesthesia" has been exhibited in New York, at media art festivals worldwide, including Europe, Brazil, Asia (except for Japan), and the online exhibitions by ACM SIGGRAPH and FILE, etc. Anti-nuclear artwork “Composition FUKUSHIMA 2011” was collected in CTF Collective Trauma Film Collections / ArtvideoKoeln in 2015. LiveCode programmer. Kenji Kojima Resume

小島健治 略歴
      日本生まれ。コンピューターを使用した、知覚・認識・時間の関連を探求するアートをニューヨーク市で続けています。ニューヨークに住み始めた1980年からほぼ10年間は、ビザンチンから初期ルネッサンスの技法エッグ・テンペラで現代絵画を描き、シティバンク、ヘス石油等のコレクションになりました。その頃コンピュータは急速な発展を遂げ、90年代始めからデジタルにアートの可能性をより感じてスイッチしました。20世紀の主なデジタル作品は、ニューヨーク市ニューミュージアム(Rhizome)にアーカイブとして保存されています。2007年コンピュータ・アプリケーション「RGB MusicLab」を開発。RGBミュージックは、画像のカラーデータをアルゴリズムで音楽に変換するプロジェクトです。これは感覚から作られたビジュアル・ミュージックではなく、コンピュータを使った確実なデータに基づいて、視覚と聴覚の境界を越えるテクノロジーで共感覚を探求するアートです。2014年にプロジェクト・タイトルを「Techno Synesthesia(テクノ共感覚)」と改め、ビデオの時間軸からの音楽変換を始めました。RGBミュージック&テクノ共感覚シリーズは、ニューヨーク市の個展、世界各地のメディア・フェスティバル(ヨーロッパ・ブラジル・中東・日本以外のアジア)、オンライン・エキジビション (ACMシーグラフ2015:米国コンピュータ学会CG部会)、FILE:電子言語国際フェスティバル)等で展示されました。福島原発事故の報道写真を音楽に変換して時間軸に並べビデオに編集した「コンポジション福島2011」は、アートビデオ・ケルンのトラウマフィルム・コレクションに保存されています。2014年プロジェクトを開発したプログラミング言語「LiveCode初心者開発入門 (日本語)」を執筆。

Artist Statement
      I have been thinking the sense of visual and audio has strong connections. Some people believe a painter Wassily Kandinsky was a synesthesia artist. But I have a suspicion whether he had synesthesia abilities or not. Artistic intuition is important, but the ability of synesthesia is too uncertain. In spite of that, I thought the sense of vision and the sense of hearing might have common areas. A composer Alexander Scriabin tried another way. He composed symphony "Prometheus: Poem of Fire" in 1910. He imagined a symphony of sound combined with a symphony of light. He made his system that was the 12 color circle. The top of the color circle was Red and C. Each color was assigned to 12 keys. The idea was based on Isac Newton's color wheel. He wrote the light (luce) part of the score by musical notations in the symphony. But his vision did not realize the technological limits of his own time. 100 years later, the performance of his work was realized by recent technologies. Composer Scriabin explored the common information of visual and auditory with the art of different expressions.
      I was more interested in Scriabin's method than using intuition for synesthesia art. We can use computer technology in the 21st century. I developed an algorithmic composition program "RGB MusicLab" in 2007 that converted computer color data to 12 tone notes. The color value 120 is the middle C on a musical scale. Also, I found binary is a new art material. The current project "Techno Synesthesia" is based on RGB Music technology.
      A cyborg is a radical evolution of physical extension that uses science and technology in the 21st-century. We have evolved extremely slow to recognize the surrounding environment by sensory organs such as visual, auditory, tactile, and others, and realized them as reality. However, we have not known how we perceived our environment and boundaries of sensory information, and how we handled them and chose our actions. What was the difference between human beings and deep-sea creatures have evolved distinguishing information from the outside world? The project "Techno Synesthesia" inherits the predecessors and experiments the fusion and compatibility of multiple sensory organs by computer technology.
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Writing / January 2021 / Japanese & English
Binary as an art material

Binaries can be processed directly by a computer.
Binary notation is only "0" and "1" like the numbers.

Guardian Deities In the City
3 minutes Digest
Original 8 Egg Tempera Paintings by Kenji Kojima. 1981-1984
Created music from binary data of the paintings

Duration 03:00

Create Music from a Classic Painting / Luce 2021
Binary as an art material: Irises at Yatsuhashi
伊勢物語 第九段 八橋
by Ogata Korin
a pair of six-panel folding-screen paintings

Duration 09:30

Create Music from a Classic Painting / Luce 2021
Binary as an art material:
The Great Wave and Red Fuji
from the series Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji
by Katsushika Hokusai

Duration 07:20

Create Music from a Classic Painting / Luce 2021
Binary as an art material:
The Unicorn Rests in a Garden
from the Unicorn Tapestries
Binary as an art material:
The Swing
The Happy Accidents of the Swing
by Jean-Honoré Fragonard

Duration 05:00

Duration 04:10

Luce 2021
Techno Synesthesia: Still Under COVID-19
Cherry Blossom 2021
Central Park, New York City
Duration 03:30
Central Park, New York City
Duration 07:20

Techno Synesthesia
Green Foxtails
Watch Music in Green
Watch Music in Yellow
Central Park, New York City
Duration 04:10
Central Park, New York City
Duration 03:40

New Project 2020 / ニュー・プロジェクト
Bees Slide Show - Full Screen

The photo changes every day of the week. The total photos are 420.

New Project 2020 / ニュー・プロジェクト
Techno Synesthesia: Speech
Do Worry, Kyoko (The Spaceship Cannot Withstand)
Bee in Central Park, New York

Three Languages: Japanese Kyoko, French Audrey, German Anna
Click and Open "Online Version" Here. Duration 12:15

Techno Synesthesia: Speech
Do Worry, Kyoko (The Spaceship Cannot Withstand)
Owl in The Wind, Central Park, New York
November 20, 2020
Japanese/Kyoko, German/Anna, French/Adrey

Click and Open "Online Version" Here. Duration 06:30

Techno Synesthesia: Speech
Do Worry, Kyoko (The Spaceship Cannot Withstand)
Autumn Leaves in Central Park
October 4, 2020 October 6, 2020
Japanese/Voice: Kyoko

Twelve Tone Scale, 47 -106, Duration 07:40
Five Languages: Kyoko and ...
Twelve Tone Scale, 48 - 120, Duration 04:00

Techno Synesthesia: Speech
September 30, 2020
Do Worry, Kyoko (The Spaceship Cannot Withstand)
Sparrows in Central Park Maple Leaves in Central Park
Five Languages Kyoko and ...
Whole Tone Scale, Duration 04:00
Japanese, Voice Kyoko
Twelve Tone Scale, Duration 05:00

Techno Synesthesia: Speech
September 15, 2020
Do Worry, Kyoko (The Spaceship Cannot Withstand)
Foxtails in Central Park, New York
Thirteen Languages
Twelve Tone, Duration: 06:00
Three Languges
Whole Tone Scale, Duration: 04:00

Show: about the museum closed. 美術館の閉館
Hide: about the museum closed. 美術館の閉館
about the Museum Closed
      This video work is an attempt to record the fact that the museum was closed for about half a year affected by the Corona Pandemic, re-examine the space of the museum, and consider the value of different art forms here. We are at the starting point of where this civilization, including the culture of contemporary art, will be overturned by the Coronal Pandemic. The Metropolitan Museum of Art Press Release March 12, 2020 (Outline) "In response to New York City's efforts to curb the spread of COVID-19, it will be temporarily closed from March 13". As of August 25, 2020, the museum is still closed. The plan seems to be open to the public from August 29th, while maintaining an environment for ensuring safety. Even with a temporary recovery, similar things can easily happen. The Metropolitan Museum of Art is just one of the closest representatives to my home. One of the purposes of art up to now was to be exhibited and collected with the value of the extension of the natural history of art museums, which has emerged from the closure of museums in this corona disaster. Some of us are exploring where the value of new media and contemporary art across the globe is heading. We need art that is created from a fundamental review of civilization, including the environment. We don't even see that direction yet. For now, I can only record and describe the present facts as artwork. The modern civilization that has evolved globally through technology is at the point of a new start in the Corona Pandemic.


Hide: about the museum closed. 美術館の閉館

The MET has Temporarily Closed
in Response to Coronavirus.
Wednesday, March 18, 2020
Click and Open "Online Version" Here. Duration 03:00

The MET is still Closed for Covid-19.
Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Click and Open "Online Version" Here. Duration 02:10

The MET Fifth Ave is Open.
Sunday, August 30, 2020
Click and Open "Online Version" Here. Duration 08:00

Techno Synesthesia: Lumière / Whole Tone Scale

Click and Open "Online Version" Here. Duration 15:00

New Project 2020 "Speak ASCII Symbol" / ニュー・プロジェクト
Selected in the 150th Anniversary Gandhi Event, Kolkata, India
from October 15, 2020 - November 26, 2020

Techno Synesthesia: Speech
Gandhi Walks

Hide: Technical Explanation about Speech
A Little about Technical Explanation "Techno Synesthesia: Speech"
      The project creates a piano melody from pixel data (binary = 0, 1) of a video image. The program rewrites the binary of the original data to ASCII which is assigned to 128 European characters and symbols. And they are read by the OS's "speech function". The alphabet is read in their European languages, and non-European languages follow the English pronunciation. The numbers are read by their own languages. Some symbols are not pronounced, depending on the language. Also, 0-32 and 123-127 in binary of decimal numbers are symbols that cannot be read in all languages, so the range corresponding to that scale has been eliminated from the piano melody. The pixels of the video image is displayed in a numerous number of pixels, the algorithm of the project divides the screen into 84 grids, periodically measures the light and dark values, and the large 5 differences of the color values are converted to musical notes. The conversion from color to scale follows a program I developed in 2007 it was named the RGB MusicLab. The artwork looks like video art, but it captures the algorithm working on the desktop. The artwork is not a visual illusion, intuitive music, or a story.
Hide: Technical Explanation about Speech

Click and Open "Online Version" Here. Duration 05:00

Peaceful Protest
Nonviolent Resistance
Civil Disobedience

Torrance Art Museum Los Angeles is launching in online exhibition "Dark Room"
ロスアンジェルスのトレランス美術館「TAM DarkRoom」で 7/18/ - 9/5/2020 まで公開中

Kenji Kojima is participating in the online exhibition "Corona! Shutdown? 2020"

Techno Synesthesia: Corona! Shutdown?
Open Mailbox

Click and Open "Online Version" Here. Duration 03:15

New Project 2020 "Speak ASCII Symbol" / ニュー・プロジェクト
Techno Synesthesia: Speech

Click and Open "Online Version" Here.

January 16, 2020
It was a very windy day.
Five Scales & Five Languages. Duration 11:48
English / Japanese / Greek / French / Korean

Project "Techno Synesthesia"
Algorithmic Art / アルゴリズミック・アート

Online Exhibition 2019-2020
Techno Synesthesia: Lumière
Excavation of music in films of the Lumière brothers

Online Exhibition Spring 2019
Techno Synesthesia: Four Seasons
Ecosystem goes around on Spaceship Earth

Ecosystem goes around on Spaceship Earth / 生態系は宇宙船地球号を巡る
   from Techno Synesthesia: Four Seasons / テクノ共感覚:四季 から
枯れたチューリップ 神秘音階 / 全音音階 / 12音階

The Change Seasons of New York City's Visuals and Music
     神秘音階 Open: Withering Tulips Mystic Chord 02:30 / Download MP4 File 115.7MB
     全音音階 Open: Withering Tulips Whole Tone Scale 02:42 / Download MP4 Zip File 125.6MB
     12音階 Open: Withering Tulips Twelve Tone Scale 02:18 / Download MP4 Zip File 106.8MB

2014 - 2018

Four Seasons Studies, Space-Time Drawing

Archway, Fountain in New York City

Subway, Street, Others and Studies

Media Performance Noh [I-MY]

Anti-Nuclear Artwork
Composition FUKUSHIMA 2011

Created music from press photos on internet

RGB Music 2007 - 2019
The application develpoment
which converted image data to musical notes

Cipher 2013, 2014, 2016
Cipher Music / Split & Merge AudioVisual

CipherText Project / 暗号計画
Encrypt Image / 暗号画像
Web Applications English & Japanese


The Sun goes around on Spaceship Earth.
JIKANKEI is a software art. It displays angles of the Sun
and local times of cities and places on the Earth.

2014 -
News / Exhibitions in Cyber and Real World

LiveCode 6 Programming Tutorilal (Japanese)
LiveCode 6 プログラミング初心者開発入門 (日本語)

1つのソース・コードから Mac, Win, Linux アプリを同時に作成する

about Techno Synesthesia in Japanese by the artist Kenji Kojima.


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