One Dollar Bill Delusions  
portrait icons spring up from the subconscious without context
Artist: Kenji Kojima, 2023

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        1ドル紙幣について考えていました。 すべての 1 ドル紙幣が地球上から消えたら、この1ドル紙幣はとても価値のあるものになるでしょう。 もし紙幣にアートの価値があれば、他の失った紙幣もアートです。 NFT ARTはアートでしょうか?
        女王が死んだ。 1 ポンド紙幣の女王の顔を思い浮かびました。 女王は舌を出してアインシュタインがあらわれました。アインシュタインは舌を引っ込めて、第二次世界大戦敗北後の日本のエンペラーになりました。文脈もなく、次々と何度も何度もポートレート・アイコンが頭に浮かび消えて行きます。   . . . . .
        1ドル紙幣を見つめていた私に気がつきました。 妄想の果てに目の前の事実に辿り着いた。禅かもしれない。

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            I have been thinking about the $1 bill. If all other $1 bills disappeared from the earth, this bill would be of great value. If this bill had art value, the other missing bills would also be art. Is NFT ART art?
            The Queen is dead. The Queen on the £1 note came to mind. The Queen stuck out her tongue. Then Einstein appeared. Einstein pulled back his tongue and became Emperor of Japan after the defeat in World War II. Out of context, One after another, Over and over again. Portrait icons came to mind and went away.     . . . . .
            I found I was staring at the $1 Bill. At the end of delusion, I arrive at the fact in front of me. It might be Zen.

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            Kenji Kojima is a digital artist. He has been experimenting with the relationships between perception and cognition, technology, music, and visual art since the early 1990s. Primarily he has interested in the relationship between seeing and hearing. He was born in Japan and moved to New York in 1980. He painted egg tempera paintings that were medieval art materials and techniques for the first 10 years in New York City. His paintings were collected by Citibank, Hess Oil, and others. The personal computer improved rapidly during the 1980s. He felt more comfortable with computer art than paintings. He switched His artwork to digital in the early 1990s. His early digital works were archived in the New Museum - Rhizome, New York. He developed the computer software "RGB MusicLab" in 2007 and created an interdisciplinary work exploring the relationship between images and music. He programmed the software “Luce” for the “Techno Synesthesia” project in 2014. His digital art series was exhibited in New York, at media art festivals worldwide, including Europe, Brazil, and Asia, and the online exhibitions by ACM SIGGRAPH and FILE, etc. Anti-nuclear artwork “Composition FUKUSHIMA 2011” was collected in CTF Collective Trauma Film Collections / ArtvideoKoeln in 2015. He started the new series "The Musical Interpretation of Paintings and Photographs" which creates music from image data in 2021. LiveCode programmer.

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From July 22 to September 9, 2023, "One Dollar Bill Delusions" will be part of the online exhibition "Vacation of the Subconscious/100 Years - Surrealist Manifesto by André Breton," organized by the Torrance Museum of Art in Los Angeles..

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