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Techno Synesthesia: Algorithmic Composition from Image Data
The Sound of New York City

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Techno Synesthesia extracts music from visual data with computer technology. The computer program takes out binaries of the parts of the video with the big differences in light and shade and converts them to musical notes. The video shows the body and the spirit of runners by the time difference with the image at that moment. "Runners 3" is three minutes simulation which left and right video files are projected on a corner of walls.

Concept: With the rapid development of science and technology since the 20th century, Cyborg which extends human physical abilities is no longer science fiction. This is also as the evolution that rapid advances in the 21st century by the human who have gone up to land from marine life billions of years ago and have continued the biological evolution slowly for survival. However, a cyborg is only extensions of the human functions. The ability of the external information to be felt simultaneously in multiple sensory organs, that is, synesthesia is not included in the evolution that the mainstream of science pursues. In the beginning of the 20th century, painter Kandinsky and a musician, Scriabin, explored the common information of visual and auditory with the art of different expressions. They did not bridge the audio-visual sense with instincts, but instead, they tried to logically connect visual and auditory in common data. Techno Synesthesia is an experimental art that inherits the predecessors of the 20th century and considers the fusion and compatibility of multiple sensory organs by computer technology as another new evolution of the 21st century. Although we use science and technology for the development of this project, the driving force of creation is artistic delusion and passion.

テクノ共感覚は、コンピュータ・テクノロジーで視覚データから音楽を抽出します。作品は、ビデオの時間軸の明暗差の大きな箇所をバイナリーで取り出し、音に変換してその瞬間映像と移動する時間差で、ランナーの肉体と精神の乖離を暗示させます。「Runners #3」は左右2ビデオを、壁面コーナーに同時投影したシミュレーションの3分ダイジェストです。その下にある「Runners 3: Angle 1」「Runners 3: Angle 1」は30分のシミュレーションを別ウインドウで開きます。


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