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digital media technology contemporary art inovation デジタル メディア アート 現代美術 テクノロジー イノベーション

Introduction and News   About Kenji Kojima / 小島健治デジタルアートワークス年代順

Kenji Kojima has been experimenting with the relationships between perception and cognition, technology, music and visual art since early 90's.
RGB Music Project creates a music from color data of a photograph. If you are the first time visitor, please see "RGB values into Music (Mona Lisa)"
or RGB MusicLab Subway Synesthesia Video". RGB MusicLab is an application of MacOS and Windows which put together these technical studies programmed by Kenji Kojima.

小島健治はコンピューターを使用した、知覚・認識・時間の関連を探求するアートを、90年代始めから続けています。RGBミュージックは2007年にスタートした、イメージのカラーデータをアルゴリズムで音楽に変換するプロジェクトです。これはコンピュータを使って確実なデータに基づいた、視覚と聴覚の共感覚を連想させるアート・プロジェクトです。RGB Music が初めての方は「RGB values into Music (Mona Lisa)」 または 「
RGB MusicLab Subway Synesthesia Video 」をご覧ください。「RGB MusicLab」は、プロジェクトのプログラミングを纏めたアプリケーションです。


"Bee in Central Park Photograps Calendar" is selected in Webbienial 2014 of Istanbul contemporary Museum. Exhibition Thema was "Bliss".
"Bee in Central Park Photograps Calendar"が、イスタンブール現代美術館のウェブ・ビエンナーレ2014に選ばれました。詳細は後日。

"Composition FUKUSHIMA 2011" Opening View at MediaNoche in New York City, 06/12/2014

The exhibition is at MediaNoche in New York City from June 12th to July 12th, 2014. MediaNoche: 1355 Park Avenue, Subway: 6 train 103 St. Map, Gallery Summer Hours: Thursday, Friday, 6pm - 9pm, and by appointment. Call (646.228.7950) or email (
Artist Talk: Thursday June 26, 6PM

Video by Sanae Maeda Buck

「コンポジション・フクシマ 2011」が、 ニューヨークのメディア・ノチェ・ギャラリーで、2014年6月12日から7月12日まで公開されています。アーチスト・トーク:6月26日(木)午後6時。 住所、ギャラリー夏時間は上記の英文をご覧ください。

Software Art "CipherTune" is at ESPACIO ENTER 2013.
ESPACIO ENTER is the International Festival of Art Science Innovation and Digital Culture. It opens at Tenerife of the Canary Islands in November.
サイファチューン」が、アート、サイエンス、イノベーション、デジタル・カルチャーのフェス「ESPACIO ENTER 2013」に選出されました。

Recent Works 

Split/Merge AudioVisual

This project splits an image to audio and visual files. The two files mege into the original image with showing the color pixels and playing the music. A full screen player for Mac OS "Merge AudioVisual Player RC03", The project started Oct. 2013.

Technical Note of "Split/Merge AudioVisual" テクニカル・ノート
April, 2014
This is a part of project "Split/Merge AudioVisual".
When we treat computer files in binary, there is no borders. You can split and merge them.

Split/Merge AudioVisual: Bee_1380418994
Watch Video (original work is not a video)

Split/Merge AudioVisual: Bee_1380587313
Watch Video (original work is not a video)

Split/Merge AudioVisual: Bee_1381080098
Watch Video (original work is not a video)

Photographs: Bee in Central Park The photographs were used for "Split/Merge AudioVisual". 2013

FREE 2014 Calendar PDF File Download 無料2014年カレンダーPDFファイル アメリカ版/ 日本版 休日
Photographs are Bee in Central Park, New York City.

Bee in Cetral Park Photographs Calendar fixed and renewed the structure and programming. Added the year of 2015.

Algorithmic Composition "CipherTune / 暗号音楽" DIY Algorithmic Composition / Image Reversible Music. Video Demo
An encrypted text or a photograph is converted to a MIDI music file, the music file can be decrypted to originals.
アルゴリズム作曲「CipherTune / 暗号音楽」イメージを暗号化して音楽に変換、音楽をイメージに復号 / 2013年

日常英語のようなコンピュータ言語。無料開発ツールは MacOS、Windows、Linux、Webサーバーのプログラミングが可能。
LiveCode Programming Japanese Tutorial for beginners

The project completed 1/1/2011 - 12/31/2011
RGB Music News Archives of the Five Internet News Sites

RGB values of a news photograph are converted to a music by algorithm.
It was one year project from January 1, 2011 to December 31, 2011.
Total music archives were 5,016.
The musics were created from the image data of 5 Internet News Site's Photographs.
The New York Times | The Guardian | Spiegel Online | El País | Le Monde

Composition FUKUSHIMA 2011 March Video Edition 2014 (with translation) 01:01:33
It was selected to be presented in Media Art Festival "FILE Hypersonica 2012", Sao Paulo, Brazil. Kenji Kojima (page83)
The musics of "Composition FUKUSHIMA 2011" selected photographs from RGB Music News which related
with the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant Accident.
ニュース・サイト:The New York Times | The Guardian | Spiegel Online | El País | Le Monde

Composition FUKUSHIMA 2011 March Digest 25:14

The video shows binary data (00000000 to 11111111) of RGB colors and musical notes. The revolving cube is the mapping of colors in RGB color space. One of the bottom corners of RGB color cube is 0,0,0 (black). The top corners on a diagonal is 255,255,255 (white). The points are RGB color values in the cube. The line ties points by the order of the musical notes. The actual work is MacOS application.

Software Development since 2007
RGB MusicLab

Go to Desktop Application "RGB MusicLab"

Over $20USD donation for supporting Kenji Kojima's art works,
you will get the password of RGB MusicLab
Download Desktop Application Demo "RGB MusicLab" V.41 (MacOSX)
Download Desktop Application Demo "RGB MusicLab" V.41 (Windows)

RGB MusicLab Subway Synesthesia Video
If you do not want to install a plugin, please see this exhibition version video.
Web app version does not run an animation data.

RGB Music RENGA Series Video Sample:
They were Web applictions used a plugin, however the pluging did not work on the latest browsers.

RGB Music were created from image date of photographs.
This video was created using Web application "RGB Music RENGA: New York City Subway" and "RGB Music RENGA Player".

RGB Music were created from image date of photographs.
RGB Music RENGA / Four Seasons: Skyscrapers from Great Lawn in Central Park, New York City

RGB Music Project:

RGB Music Leonardo Da Vinci's Mona Lisa Smile Red / Video Sample 4:07

RGB Music Project:
RGB Music is converted RGB values of an image into music.

XYZ Music: String Trio Sphere Random Points / video sample

XYZ Music: Cone / video sample

XYZ Music: Spiral Cylinder / video sample

JIKANKEI Version 1.7.4 (FUJYO JIHO) for MacOS and Windows(limited function)

JIKANKEI displays angles of the SUN and local times of cities and places on the Earth. Sunrise and sunset data are taken from US Naval Observatory Date Services through Internet. The latest version shows Sun directions and FUJYO JIHOU (gradually changing time) that is before Westernized Japanese Clock System.

Longitude and Latitude Map for JIKANKEI

You can get them by a cllick on the map. If you know the adrress, type it. Longitute and Latitude are used for custom settings in JIKANKEI. The map is used Google MAPS.

Photographs and Calendar:

The Botany Photographs + Printable Calendar

3.11 9999 Years Calendar / 3.11 9999年カレンダー
Another title is "Into Eternity" 

Small Images / Large Images


Software Art "CipherTune" was at ESPACIO ENTER 2013.
ESPACIO ENTER was the International Festival of Art Science Innovation and Digital Culture. It opened at Tenerife of the Canary Islands.

October 2012 -
Web Biennial 2012 Istanbul Contemporary Art Museum

FILE SP 2012 Hypersonica Sao Paulo, Brazil from July 16th until August 19th, 2012.
Exhibits "Composition FUKUSHIMA 2011"

FILE RIO 2012 as part of FILE Media Art category in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil from Apr 10 to May 13, 2012.
Exhibited Web Art Project "RGB Music News"

FILE MEDIA ART 2011: Festival Internacional de Linguagem Eletrônica, São Paulo, Brazil
Exhibited Web Art Project "RGB Music News"

FILE PRIX LUX 2010: Festival Internacional de Linguagem Eletrônica, São Paulo, Brazil
Nominated Kenji Kojima's algorithmic composition
"RGB Music RENGA: 999 Views of Skyscrapers from Great Lawn in Central Park, New York City" has being nominees to be electronic sonority category of the final Jury selection. FILE PRIX LUX is the International Art and Technology prize offered in São Paulo, Brazil by FILE electronic language international festival.

Digital Art Festival in Brazil (Belo Horizonte)
FAD (FESTIVAL DE ARTE DIGITAL) translation Exhibition: September 10 - 18, 2010
Webart: September 6-12, 2010 Quina Gallery (Ed. Bag, 2nd Floor - Centro - Belo Horizonte)

Exhibited work "RGB Music RENGA: New York City Subway by Kenji Kojima"

March 19th, 20th, 2010
PROCESS Festival Ausland, Berlin, Germany

PROCESS is a 2 day festival focusing on the sound of systems. Terms like 'process-driven' and 'generative' are expanded to include live performances based on breath, a train-yard video that generates rhythms dynamically, and a large metal 'drop machine' which emulates electronics, with no electronics. The programme features two evenings of live performances and new-media works, a workshop and a special internet commission, and takes place on March 19 and 20 at Ausland, an iconic venue situated in the heart of Prenzlauerberg, Berlin.

Sound Installation "RGB Music RENGA" is an algorithmic composition. It improvises music at the installation place.

July 2009
Musiques Electroacoustiques et Arts Electroniques, Catégorie : tendance Netart

Kenji Kojima had been selected in Part Electronic Arts - Section II -
Category New practices of Netart of the 36th Bourges InternationalCompetitions Electroacoustic Music and Electronic Art 2009 for his piece "Subway Synesthesia". July, 2009

May 18 - 22, 2009
Sound Installation “Subway Synesthesia” in RE-NEW 2009 Digital Art Festival
Huset i Magstræde, Copenhagen, Denmark

Short video version of "Subway Synesthesia (includes 02-01-02)".
The original is not a video work.
"Subway Synesthesia" is a software art, includes 10 musics and NYC Subway photographs.

Nov. 6 - Dec.13, 2008
Subway Synesthesia / Kenji Kojima,
AC[Direct], Chelsea, New York City

Sound Installation of RGB Music and Photographs
It is not an impression of a photograph of a musical variation. It composes a score from an image directly.

AC [ Direct ] 547 W. 27th St, #519 New York, NY 10001
Press release English

Installation View with RGB Music

WEB ART: 1996 - 2002
Project clones were preserved by at the New Museum

Project Throwing Stones: the Movie

A Tender Attempt to Accomplish Something Possible in This Impossible

Throwing Stones / into primeval / onto the moon / into a pond
In a Grove
The Creation of Man
The Birth of Venus
I'm always on the Web / Sky / Grass / Wave / since The Cave / in Forest

Other TIME Works

It Feels Like Time Have Changed...
A Silence of Cicadas
Walk of Seconds / on Grass / on Earth
273+- Part: 0 (after John Cage)

Is the Production of Garbage Materials in the 21st Century, still Art? / Project 1996 - 2001

Project clones were preserved by at the New Museum

Heavy Material / Light Material

Interactive Web Art by Kenji Kojima / Collection 1 (682K)
Includes: Listen the Blocks, Eczema, Fission, TOY

Interactive Web Art by Kenji Kojima / Collection 2 (821K)
Includes: Virtual/Physical, What's Done, Bugs, Sphere &Cube

Interactive Web Art by Kenji Kojima / Collection 3 (814K)
Includes: Ripples, Stone C/C/u/o/b/n/e/e, Been Done, Cylinders

Interactive Web Art by Kenji Kojima / Collection 4 (1453K)
Includes: SSHPERES, Into The Mirror, Ring, Trail & Perspective

Interactive Web Art by Kenji Kojima / Collection Mirror (1208K)
Includes: Into The Mirror Cylinder, Into The Mirror, Into The Mirror 45D


Genome Scale Sonifications 2009
Sonifications were created from DNA sequence data. The left channel of sonification is forward, and the right channel is backward of the genome sequence. There are one of processes of scale conversions on the page, and four compositions at the bottom of page.

Pi Music created by programming

String Quartet Pi / 5:06 and the process of data
The music was created from the constant PI (3.141592.......) to 3,000 decimal places by programming.

Musical notes were made from literature by programming

Golden Afternoon /1:54
The prologue “Golden Afternoon” in “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”.
O-Yuki / 5:56
The novel “Yuki-Onna” by Lafcadio Hearn.



Study Note: Japanese
LiveCode CGI Basic

RGB-Hex Converter